Minutes, Town Cemetery Committee, Sept 10, 2018

Rules: continued. We made some changes, in part to go along with what is currently being done. We discussed whether there was some way to record who owns what plot, at least going forward.

Signs: all are up except the Nelson Road Cemetery which doesn't stay up. Jane will talk with Jim.

Old Burial Ground/ First Baptist church/ Civil War Memorial in East Vassalboro on China Lake. Russell asked if a sign could be put there to mark this, in part to avoid parking there. Mary explained about the large fishing contest, about which she had almost no notice. Both traffic and parking were not ideal. We also wondered about replacing the fence. John Melrose and Kent London did research on the area and Steve Jones planted a row of trees to mark that boundary.

Software: David will download a few of the less expensive programs and see if anything will work for us, and which we can afford. We would like to have some mapping of plots.

Next meeting will be Oct 1at 3:30 at the Town Office