Town cemetery meeting October 7

Jody described some of the work that she and David have done in the Methodist cemetery. She is assessing what needs to be done next year and how much it will cost.

MOCA workshop. I have the application to fill out, but there are no available times for the coming year.

Software: we had quite a discussion. Jane put together a barebones outline of steps and people who would do things. We had more questions than answers and, partly, hope to meet with Mary next time. We did give some thought to a cemetery to start with and pretty much narrowed it down to Cross Hill. It is smallish, active and if only from google maps we have a map. Another thought was Oak Grove which is smaller yet, and again google maps gives us a map.

Questions: do we need unique names for roads? Or, can we use A,B,C etc for every cemetery? Who will input the data? Can it be done in our homes? Or, on site in the given cemetery? Who is,or are, the “point” person or persons? What role will the committee play? Town office staff ?

we hope to meet next on Nov 4th