Minutes, Cemetery Committee, October 5, 2020

Present: David Jenney, Mary Sabins, Jane Aiudi, Jody Kundreskas and Sue Haines

We met via zoom (thank you, David).

Sue had driven around some cemeteries and found no trees down, but Gene had reported to Mary a couple of branches down. There were no stones damaged and he may be able to take care of them in the spring.

Jody reported that she and David had finished work for this year, working in the Methodist cemetery most recently.

Data entry – Jane has not had a chance to do any work and we have not heard back from Kathy Cote. (Note: Mary did hear this am and forwarded the letter to me. Kathy has been sick but hopes to get to the work soon. She'd really like to have some one work with her.)

Grant application for a Grave Preservation Workshop next summer: Joe, who leads these, visited the Methodist Cemetery which is the one we chose. Unfortunately possibly this cemetery doesn't need much basic work, cleaning etc so we may not be as desireable as other cemeteries which have applied. They have not yet made a decision.

Mary will again apply to the Margaret Chase Smith foundation for a summer intern, but even if turned down we may hire our own. Maybe Mike would be available?

Signs: Some of the current cemetery signs are bent, so we need to begin to replace them with something longer lasting. Jim Ashton was involved with the original project and should be consulted. Gene may also be able to advise on a longer-lasting material. The Webber Family Cemetery needs a sign.
There is also a need for some signage showing sections in the cemeteries, as we enter data and for people looking for plots.

Budget: Jody probably has such as she needs for next year.
If we sponsor a workshop, we will need supplies for that – portajon, sand, gravel and dirt.