Notes from Cemetery Committee Meeting, October 4, 2021

Present: Savannah Clark, David Jenney, Mary Sabins, Tom Richards and Sue Haines

Stone work: David reported that Jody hopes to get a tripod this weekend to work on lifting stones, in Methodist.

Pontem and online: We have submitted our paperwork and are “in the queue”. Possibly they will get to us at the end of this month. Mary had talked with the town tech guy and we are “good to go”. He does want to be kept informed.

The stones and sign which Tom had are at the town garage, awaiting further placement.

Mary and Savannah had spent some time in the North Cemetery, trying to locate a plot for someone.

They are also looking into the Holman Day Cemetery. A woman contacted the town office that her sister was not buried/interred in the correct plot. She would like her moved. Disinterring is a new process to Mary, and we have only the living sister's word about where it should go.

Hussey Hill Rd Cemetery: Tom had done some further work and found a couple of deeds which refer to setting land aside for a burying ground, presumably on the land in question. Tom had been told by his brother-in-law who used to live there that “there were stones piled up the the woods”. He, and possibly Gene, will try to look into this. The spots mentioned in the deeds are dependent on the various people who lived on adjoining lots. There was some thought that Edith Canham was an Earle and that name in mentioned in one deed.

We will next meet November 8 at 3:30 at the town office.