Cemetery Meeting Minutes October 3, 2022

Present: Mary Sabins, David Jenney, Jane Aiudi, Savannah Clark

Mary reported that Felicia has not done much mapping work.
David reported that a couple more stones in Methodist have been repaired. Stone work is now all done for the season.
The tripod, hoist, and straps are currently being stored in the basement of Jody’s house.
Savannah reported that the Pontem updates have been completed, except for two stones for Cole Steven Haskell and Phyllis/Robert Wells that could not be located/do not have a stone yet.
David suggested we should try to recruit some new members.
Next meeting will be November 14, 2022 at 3:30 and we will discuss the budget. Mary advised that we think about Pontem fees, finding someone to do mapping work, and signs. Also need to figure out when the mowing contract expires and potentially think of putting tree work into the budget.