Cemetery Committee Meeting Minutes October 2, 2023

Time and Place: 3:30pm, Vassalboro Town Office

Present: Scott Wentworth, Tom Richards, Aaron Miller, David Jenney, Savannah Clark

Row marker signs have been ordered for Center Vassalboro Baptist and Maple Grove cemeteries. These are the last section/row signs we needed.

The mowing contract has been renewed for three more years. The price increased by 10%.

Bruce and David straightened stones at Cross Hill Cemetery. There is only a few more weeks left before the weather gets too cold to do the stonework, and the volunteers hope to fix a stone in the North that was knocked over by a tree and to finish fixing one they have been working on in Methodist.

Scott informed the committee that he knows of three people that are willing to help fix stones in Vassalboro. He also reported that there is a tree down in Union Cemetery. Aaron will contact public works to remove the tree.

We spent most of the meeting workshopping our rules. We will be updating the language on perpetual care, monuments, internments, and decorations. Scott plans to visit the cemeteries and get an idea of how tall on average the monuments are so we can include language on this topic in our rules. Savannah will bring a draft of the new rules that incorporates all the suggestions from the workshop and bring it to the November meeting. The committee will look it over again at that time and see if any new changes need to be made or if we can proceed with adopting the new rules.

Next meeting will be November 13, 2023 at 3:30pm at the Town Office.