Minutes, Town Cemetery Committee, October 1, 2018

Present: Sue Haines, Russell Smith, Jane Auidi, David Jenney, Jody Kundreskas, Steve Assante and former member Jim Ashton.

Rules: continued. Jane moved, David seconded that we approve the new rules. They were approved.

Signs: There are 4 left to be put up. “Webber” is two, Webber and Webber family, off the Cushnoc Road and by Nelson Rd.. Webber family should go to rt 201. The sign placed at 201 is missing. We discussed many of the more obscure cemeteries with Jim. Is a cemetery at the corner of Stanley Hill Rd and Maple Ridge, off the road and possibly in China. Others discussed were Faught, Morgan (near the pond off Riva Ridge), Doe (off the Burleigh Rd). Are burials on the Natanis golf course, private property.

Jim and Jody will head out on Friday with signs, and see how much they can get done.

Report on Cemetery work was in an email.

Software: difficult to get a sense of the true cost as the companies are vague. David looed at about 5 programs. The easiest is Cryptkeeper, costing about $50 per year if web based, but it is run by one person and not kept up to date.

Next meeting we need to discuss future work: trees, continued work or software.

Next meeting: November 5th.

A joint project: Jody took notes; Sue typed them up.