Town Cemetery Committee
November 16, 2016

Present: Russell Smith, Sue Haines, Rick Lees, David Jenney, Sandra Toohey, Town Manager Mary Sabins, and chair Jane Aiudi.

Met at 3:30 at the town office.

In the absence of both Tim Giroux and Tom Richards, Jane reported that they had put up a couple more signs, and still have more to go.

She reported on the Crowell Hill Road Cemetery. She thinks the lot is not actively for sale, though the sign is still here. She talked with a realtor friend about how to proceed. They agreed that it would be a good idea to tell the realtor of the property about the burials there.

Mary reported on the grant application process. She has discovered that, in addition to the two grants which she has reported on at the last meeting, there is a 3rd for which we might qualify. This is a Steve and Tabitha King grant and could be worth a lot more - $50,000. She and Jane decided to put the other two aside for now, and put her efforts into the King grant. The application is due at the end of December and she has asked the two businesses and Colby College to get their estimates to her by Dec 10. (The businesses are Pontem software and Topographix LLC mapping, and we hope that Colby could provide interns. She gave us a draft proposal for our input, as well as the guidelines about the grant (by Dec. 10). This grant would enable us to do the larger 10 cemeteries (chosen from the mowing list), plus the Civil War burials at the China Lake landing. The man doing the mapping also has equipment to “look for” unmarked graves. The interns would be from Colby and the hope is that they could do the work in one summer. We may need to purchase a digital camera as well.

Next meeting: Monday, January 9 at 3:30 at the town office.