Cemetery Committee Meeting Minutes November 14, 2022

Present: Jody, David, Mary, Savannah

Felicia has not done any mapping work yet.

After factoring in mowing, this year’s budget has around $26,000 left in it and we discussed how to use that money. Eugene is going to charge a leaf blower to the budget as he uses it only for cemetery work. We will be ordering more signs for the cemeteries. Jody is going to contact Joe to discuss doing drill pin work in our cemeteries. We discussed having Joe come for five days and his rate is $1,000 a day. I will call Eugene and ask him about having some tree work done in the cemetery.

On our meeting agenda for May, we will have to make sure to ask the selectboard to carry over any money we have to the next year.
Our mowing contract expires in October 2023. Mary advised that we renew this as the company is very good to work with.

We decided to work on the budget for July 2023-June 2024 over email in December and meet back in January to finalize it. It should be similar to last year’s budget except for the tripod expenses. We discussed the possibility of hiring a Margaret Chase Smith intern to do mapping work in the cemeteries as a potential item on the budget.

Next meeting will be January 9, 2023 at 3:30 pm.