Town Cemetery notes, November 2, 2020

Present: Mary Sabins, David Jenney, Jane Auidi, Jody Kondreskas and Sue Haines.

We briefly discussed the Oak Grove cemetery “fix”. Some one had fixed a stone using unorthodox methods, including spray painting it to look white again. We don't know who and hope it is just this one stone.

Data entry has ended for the season. Kathy will come in Thur to enter the final data and bring the maps etc to Mary. We hope to resume in the spring. Kathy reported that she feels good about the data entry part but is tentative about the gridding. It will be March before Mary can apply to Margaret Chase Smith for an intern, if we decide to go that route. Our preference would be to hire Mike back.

A possible preservation workshop is still possible as they have not yet made a decision.

Signs – we need one for the Webber Family Cemetery and stronger posts for possibly all the signs, but definitely the Methodist one. We discussed just bringing in that sign for the winter. Gene had suggested stronger but more expensive posts. See addendum.

We will next meet January 4, 2021 unless something comes up before that. Presumably this will again be zoom and at 3:30. At this time we need to get a budget together.

Addendum: I almost immediately found record of the sign purchase. They came from Bri Signs which is in Oakland and seems to be still going. The posts came from Agway. This was in 2016,