Vassalboro Town Cemetery

May 7, 2018

Present: Jane Auidi, Chair, Russell Smith, David Jenney, Tim Giroux, Rick Lees and Sue Haines

We approved the minutes of the April meeting.

In the absence of Jody David reported that he thought plans for the work at the Cross Hill Cemetery were going according to plan.

Budget: as of Monday we had $18,384.66 but with probably two more mowings, totally about $8,000, to be paid. This includes the $6,000 of Cross Hill money. We gave Gene (town road foreman) $500 to rent equipment for some tree trimming. So we have about $3500 to spend between now and the end of June or we lose it. Jane will talk with Mary or Gene and see if they recommend something. Listed was $132.50 for “fence repair” which we didn't understand. Possibly it was the cost of putting plastic tubing on top the of the Nicols Cemetery fence to protect deer from being impaled (as has happened).

Back to Cemetery Rules: care of lots we discussed last time. We allow only human remains in the cemetery; ie, no pets. We discussed who does the digging and thought that Mary knew this. The section on stone size is not currently the most correct version. It should say: nothing over 36” wide or 75% of the lot. No height is given.

Section 7 of the current rules is added to the new section 2.

Jane announced that she was getting done but the rest of us agreed to stay on, including Tim, despite his being away during the winter,

Town Meeting is June 4, so our next meeting will be June 11 at 3:30