Cemetery Committee Meeting, May 3, 2021

Present: Jody Kundreskas, David Jenney, Mary Sabins and Sue Haines

Mary reported that the town road crew and prisoners, plus their guard, had been doing spring cleaning of the cemeteries to ready them for mowing. Cross Hill still has wood and branches down from the tree cutting. All the trees along the road edge are now down. This work was done by Tim Basham and the road crew.

Cemetery repair work will likely start the first of June. There are a couple of stones in Oak Grove that Jody may start with. She mentioned Baptist, but will drive around other cemeteries.

Mary raised the issue of keeping track of recent burials. She happened on one as she was selling a site, but this was merely an accident. People are not required to notify the town office of a burial. We are only aware of lots sold and these are added to the data base. There didn't seem to be an easy answer to keep track of burials, as people don't have to notify the town office.

Budget: of some $22,000 remaining in our account, $8,200 will be spent on mowing in May and June. Mary has warned the selectmen that we will need to carry over the remaining for expenses this summer, the intern and possibly other things.

Our next meeting will be June 14th at 3:30 in person! Masks are required at the town office.