Cemetery Committee Meeting Minutes May 1, 2023

Present: Aaron Miller, Jane Aiudi, David Jenney, Savannah Clark, Jody Kundreskas

No updates on Felicia’s work at present.

Aaron will run the newspaper ad about stonework in The Town Line this month and will check into the mowing contract.

Gene is working on getting gravel and sand for Joe’s visit and Aaron is working on getting a porta-potty. David will bring his truck for his visit as long as it is in working order.

Gene filled in the sunken grave in the North Village and he is also aware of trees down in the cemeteries and is working on taking care of them.

A member of the public came into the Town Office to let us know some stones are down in the Whitehouse Cemetery and asked if we could fix them. David went to look at the cemetery and two of the three stones are down. Jody will ask Joe if he would mind fixing them as they need pin work.

Someone came into the Town Office and talked to Aaron about selling back a lot in the North Village that their family purchased in 1964. Lots cannot be resold.

The next meeting will be the first week of June, the date and time will be determined later.