Town Cemetery Committee
May 1, 2017

Present: Sue Haines, Town Manager Mary Sabins, chair Jane Aiudi, David Jenney and Jody Kundreskas

The minutes of last month's meeting were approved, with one change: “high” pressure sprayer should be “low”.

Mary reported that this year's budget looks problematic enough that she didn't even put forward our request for money to map and digitalize the larger cemeteries. The money for surveying and marking the Cross Hill Cemetery is still there, was approved by the budget committee. Mary will submit our grant request to the King grant for mapping etc again this year. That application is due at the end of Dec and awarded in March. She has not had time to look into other possibly grants, but the last time she looked they were all much smaller than we'd need. She, and we, agreed not to pursue doing the job piece meal, but hope that we can find money to do the whole job in the future.

Jody reported that MOCA (ME old Cemetery Assoc) is having a workshop on cleaning and fixing stones in Readfield, June 18th.

Jane said that she would write an ad for the newspapers, stating that we will be cleaning gravestones, as we are able. If a family doesn't wish their stone cleaned, they need to contact the town office. Jane and Jody will also meet with the selectmen to inform them of the stone work. This might be May 18th.

The mowing contract has been awarded; it is the same fellow as last year, for the same amount, which pleased us.

Signs: Jane will contact Jim Ashton to see how many we have left. Rick and Tim are willing to help install them. Mary also offered Gene Field's help if necessary.

It is the time of year when membership comes up. Jody said that she is willing to be on the board. We could think of others as well. This is also the time for those of us on the board to resign if we wish.

Meeting minutes will be posted on the town web site. Jane said that she would send along those from the past year or so.

Next meeting will be June 12, skipping the first Monday which is town meeting day.