Cemetery Committee Meeting Minutes March 6, 2023

Present: Jane, David, Savannah

There are currently no updates on the budget or Felicia’s mapping work.

Jody has contracted with Joe to help do some repairs in the cemeteries in June. Savannah is going to find out more about if there is anything we need to do since this work is not going out to bid.

A man named Neal Brown emailed requesting to place two flat monuments in the Union Cemetery. He does not want to be buried in the plot, just place monuments. He cannot prove ownership of the lot, but does seem to know a lot about it and has the same last name as those buried in the lot. We may ask for him to provide some genealogical information to prove his connection to the plot. In the Spring, the town manager, Neal, and Savannah will meet in the cemetery to assess if there is room for the stones and we will go from there.

David brought up the fact that green burials are gaining in popularity and it may be something to look into down the road. He also encouraged anyone who knows someone who may be interested in being on the committee to talk to them about joining as our numbers are a bit low.

Our next meeting with be April 3, 2023 at 3:30pm at the Town Office.