Town Cemetery Committee
June 12, 2017

Present: Russell Smith, Sue Haines, Town Manager Mary Sabins, Jane Aiudi, Sandra Toohey, David Jenney, Rick Lees, and Jody Kondreskas.

Met at 3:30 at the town office.

We approved the minutes from the last meeting.

Town meeting – approved out budget.

Fence at the East Vassalboro/Methodist cemetery is falling down (note: it must be in the back as I don't see any fence), and some one complained. Rick thought that the Scouts might be willing to just take it down.

Cross Hill Cemetery – that work ( surveying the area and marking plots) will have to be put out to bid because of the expected cost. Jane will work on a bid specs to be put in the papers as soon as possible. We need to give people 2 weeks to bid. Then we review the bids and make a selection, either July or Aug meeting. The selectmen actually award the bid. Mary recommends plots that are 4X10 in keeping with the size in the North, despite the fact that they have been 4X12 in this cemetery. They are marked in each corner. The markers are much of the cost of the project. We had some discussion about how to keep the markers visible over time. One idea is to spray roundup down a pipe that fits over the marker.

Mary sold several lots in the past week and took Deb from the town office out at least once to show her how it is done. Mary said selling lots in the new section is straightforward, but in older sections (where there have been burials) is much harder.

Ray Breton brought Mary an old (1930) map of the North cemetery which had been in the old town office/doctors building which Ray owns. David thought there is an old one of the Cross Hill Cemetery.

Jane and Jody met with the selectmen and they were interested in what we are doing.

Signs: we will wait until Tim is at a meeting to discuss where we are ongoing with this.

Jane sent to David all the minutes from this current committee to be put on the town web site.

We are all recommended for reappointment to the committee for the coming year.

Next meeting will be July 10 at 3:30.