Town Cemetery Committee
Meeting June 10, 2019 minutes

Present: Jody Kondreskas, David Jenney, Russell Smith, Rick Lees and Sue Haines

Jody described all the work she had been doing in the Oak Grove Cemetery. She wondered if there was water nearby? She also described various problems in several other cemeteries: a large gopher hole in Weeks, large pine tree in Farwell-Brown, Webber “destroyed” by logging, Doe has a bunch of breaks. We also wanted to confirm that this cemetery is being mowed as is in the contract. Sue will ask Mary is the town crew can get to any of the trees.

Sue will ask Rob Browne about people buried on the golf course; it is private but as a burial place we'd like it in our records.

Budget – the town voted us the money requested, so the next step would seem to be to purchase the software. At the last meeting Jane said that she would talk with Mary (who couldn't be with us) since it will be installed on town computers.

We will all continue on the committee and no ideas for new people.

Next meeting is July 1.