Cemetery Committee Meeting Minutes June 5, 2023

Present: Jane Aiudi, David Jenney, Savannah Clark, Russell Smith, Jody Kundreskas

No updates on Felicia’s mapping work.

We are mostly ready for Joe’s visit. David is working on getting his truck ready to go. Savannah will check in with Aaron and Gene to make sure the porta potty and the gravel and sand are at the cemetery by June 27th.

We are going to start the process of updating the cemetery rules. Jane is going to do some research on cemetery rules in other towns and Savannah will look for the research from the last time we updated the rules. We would like to add some language about how cemetery lots cannot be resold. We also need to add that certain forms need to be filled out when a burial or monument placement takes place. More specific language about the dimensions of the lots and the monuments should also be added.

We would like to renew our current mowing contract. Savannah will check in with Aaron about this.

Our next meeting is July 10th, 2023 at 3:30pm at the Town Office.