Report on Cemetery Committee Meeting July 12, 2121

Present: David Jenney, Jane Auidi, Mary Sabins, Savannah Clark and Sue Haines

We all took the oath of office and went over the people who are β€œon” the committee but whom we haven't seen: Steve Assante, Russell Smith (Sue has contacted him and he is interested), Sandra Toohey and Tom Richards (Sandra and Tom do not have emails).

Savannah reported on her work – amazing! She finished the North and Methodist cemerteries, as well as several smaller ones. She next is headed to the Oak Grove Road ones, and then Baptist.

Brag Cemetery – Mary mentioned this. It is across private land and had been vandalized. Some stones have been thrown down the steep stream bank in the vicinity of the Mill.

We again mentioned the cemetery by the Cornerstone Church on the corner of Rt 201 and Getchell Corners Rd. This is being taken care of my the church

Savannah is looking at making the data available online. We discussed linking the Friends Cemetery data to this.

We discussed ways we can keep the data current as people who own plots can now just go and inter ashes without the town knowing. A sign asking people to notify us was suggested.

Savannah has also been looking at signs to mark sections of the cemeteries. She also accepted David's suggestion that she might like to join the committee.

Budget: it is not final yet but Mary did ask that $13,000 from last year be carried over to this year. This leaves $900 behind for unforseen expenses.

David reported on stone work that he and Jody have been doing, including fixing the base of one which broke as they were preparing to remount a stone.

Our next meeting will be August 2, at 3;30 at the town office.