Cemetery minutes, July 6, 2020

Present: Mary Sabins, Mike Levesque, Jody Kundreskas, David Jenney and Sue Haines.

Jody reported on the work that she and David had done in the Cross Hill cemetery, fixing two stones, and in the Methodist cemetery. This cemetery has many stones that need attention. They worked on some, at least one has needs beyond what Jody can do. We have applied for to ME Old Cemetery Association for a workshop for next summer and the work would be in the Methodist Cemetery.

Mike reported on his work. He is nearly finished with the Cross Hill cemetery. The work is going smoothly; he has had no problem with names and dates. He and Mary have looked at the North Village cemetery, section I, the newest, as his next location. This is where lots are currently being sold. It is at the north end by the sanitary district. His last day is Aug 14th. Before then he will write up directions for the work and give us a presentation of what he has done.

The town books closed on June 30. The $2200 which we had left, Mary carried over to this year. This, plus the $40,000 voted on at town meeting, gives us $42,000 going forward. Mowing will come out of this.

The current members of the board were reappointed by the selectmen and we need to stop by the town office to be sworn in.

Mary suggested that if any of us found time to carry on this work, it would be good to make sure it doesn't cease. We will also try for an intern next summer.

Our next meeting will be August 3 at 3:30 again via zoom.