Cemetery Committee Meeting Minutes January 9, 2023

Present: Jody, Steve, Savannah

Town manager was not in attendance so there are no updates on Felicia’s mapping work.

Signs have been ordered for the sections in Cross Hill, Methodist, Union, and Nichols cemeteries. A company was selected to take down some trees in the North Village Cemetery and Maple Grove and this work has been completed. There are now no longer any trees inside the North Village Cemetery.

The budget was finalized. We decided to wait on getting an intern for mapping and devote the money to tree work instead as there is not enough time this year to figure out the logistics and details necessary to get an intern. Below is the budget:

Signs for rows in Center Vassalboro Baptist and Maple Grove (16 signs) as well as sign for Webber Family Cemetery- $5,000
Tree Work- $13,500
Mowing- $26,000
Pontem Software- $2,500
Supplies for stone work- $500
Memorial Day expenses- $250
Worker’s Comp Expenses- $300
Total- $48,050

Our next meeting will take place on March 6, 2023 at 3:30pm.