Town Cemetery committee meeting
January 7, 2019 at 3:30

Present: Jane Aiudi, David Jenney, Rick Lees, Jody Kondreskas and Sue Haines

Most of the discussion was around the budget for the coming year.
Tree work – we don't have specific trees in mind at the moment but will try to look around. Some work the town crew might be able to do. Larger trees would require an arborist, at $2500 or more, depending on where the tree is and how large it is. We will try to get photos to show the selectmen with our budget request.

Another cost is fixing stones, which Jody will do as time permits. She has requested $300 for supplies.

Software: the latest figure we have is $8,000 (but we need an updated amount) assuming we go with Pontem. On top of that we'd need an intern to start to enter such data as we have, which isn't much. We will have some left over this year, about $6,000. We seemed to be thinking of putting half toward tree work and half toward software. We looked at the Perpetual Care fund of which we can spend the interest (with approval of the town). This is about $5,000. We will ask for an increase of $4000 in our budget for the coming year, some of this because we believe mowing will go up, but some could go to software.

Next meeting: February 4 at 3:30 at the town office.