Notes Cemetery Committee Meeting, January 4, 2021, 3:30 by zoom

Present: David Jenney, Jody Kondreskas, Jane Auidi, Mary Sabins and Sue Haines.

Sue reported on a phone call from Tom Richards (who does want to continue on the the committee). He has the sign from the Nelson Rd. Cemetery which is the one that kept being taken down. He also has a gravestone from the North Cemetery which had been found in the woods.

(note: I looked in the old minutes but didn't find mention of the stone. Russell or Julie Lyons may know more)

The current signs came from Bri signs. Sue will call about cost to replace the Webber Family sign. She will also contact Eugene Fields about stronger posts, at least for the Methodist and the Nelson Road cemeteries.

We don't know about a preservation workshop.

Budget: a lot of unknowns.
Mowing – goes out to bid this year, It has been $4,000 per month, for May-Oct.
Signs, posts - ?
repair work – Jody says about $100
data work - ? Mary will try to get us this figure and also contact Mike about continuing.

Next meeting – January 25, if needed to finalize budget. Otherwise, March