Town Cemetery Committee
February 6, 2017

Present: Russell Smith, Sue Haines, David Jenney, Town Manager Mary Sabins, chair Jane Aiudi, and a guest, Jody Kundreskas

Met at 3:30 at the town office.

We approved the minutes from the last meeting.

Surveying and marking plots in new section of Cross Hill Cemetery – Jane had talked with Rowe and Wendell, the group who did the North Cemetery, and another company to make the plot markers. It would be cheaper to have Rowe and Wendell make the markers. They could do the entire job, except for rebar for stakes (for markers) for $13,000. This is for roughly 200-250 plots at 4X10 feet. This cost would require that we put it out to bid. Much of the cost is stamping the markers. Jane included this in her budget proposal to Mary. The Cross Hill Cemetery fund has some $12,500 which could be used to cover much of this expense. This would leave us about $2500 for repairs or whatever, assuming $4500 for mowing which is unknown at the moment. David wondered whether there might be other grants that would help us with the surveying etc.

Jane had written a draft of the description of this committee which she submitted to Mary for the town report. For our information she handed around copies of past years' stories.

We had a long discussion with our guest, Jody, about what she would like to do. She has an interest in cemeteries and “interesting” stones, and has taken a course from the ME Old Cemetery Association (MOCA) on cleaning and fixing leaning and broken stones. She would like to gradually work on some stones in cemeteries near her house, the Wiggins cemetery, etc. This would be voluntary on her part, at least to start, but she would like help with the cost of materials. For cleaning the largest expense is the cleaning solution, D2. Fixing leaning stones and then broken stones requires more equipment. It was suggested that she start with cleaning. To do this she needs permission from the next of kin if possible and down a couple of generations. Lacking that, the owner of the cemetery, the town, can give permission. It was suggested that she might be able and willing to train others, like Boy Scouts, to clean stones. Also suggested was applying for a grant to cover equipment costs.

The question of insurance was brought up, partly thinking of Jody or anyone else working in the cemetery, but also covering possible damage to stones from trees, vandalism or whatever. Mary said that she would look into it.

Our next meeting will be March 6 at the town office. The time was discussed and possibly we would return to the 9:30 time.