Minutes from Cemetery Committee meeting February 3, 2020

Present: Jane Aiudi, Rick Lees, Russel Smith, David Jenney and Sue Haines

Software update: the town computers have been updated and Mary has submitted the order for the Pontem software but they just missed the selectmen's meeting and the warrant so it will wait until next week for the money.

The application for Margaret Chase Smith interns was put up on the first and Mary will submit it when she has time. We are asking for one intern, despite the greater safety of having two. The person might start in the Methodist cemetery as that is close to a traveled road, near the library and where Jody may be working.

We discussed the proposed budget, with an increase of 10,000. We wonder if a laptop could be found for less than the proposed 2,000. Possibly little or no tree work will get done, aside from what the town can do within their budget, if we do not get the whole 10,000.

Tommy Richards wants to continue putting up flags.

We think all the signs are up except for the one that keeps being taken down, Whitehouse.

Next meeting will be March 2 at 3:30.