Town Cemetery Meeting, December 13, 2021

Present (via zoom): Mary (in a cold town office), David, Jane, Savannah and Sue

Data base: Initially there were some reactions to Mary which she forwarded to Savannah.

Row markers have been ordered. They required the money first. Come spring Mary will talk with Gene about posts.

We need to check cemeteries for trees/branches which might be down. We will also budget some money for tree work, as there are many cemeteries with large trees in them. Gene is good at negotiating prices and working with tree companies.

Beginning stages of budget: mowing - $25 or $26, 000. Scott property has a multiyear contract.

Pontem – Mary needed to check but 12-1500

Work on stones – Jody was not at the meeting but later said $300

Posts ????

Tree work- $8-10,000

We have some interest which with approval of the town could be spent, $3,000 or less. It wan't mentioned but we may have money to be brought forward from this year?

Sue reported on the Civil War memorial – she had talked with John Melrose who would like to see an informational plaque/sign. Apparently it is more complicated than we had thought. It was the old Baptist Burial ground but records also mention a “Negro” burial ground. At some point the Baptists, at least were moved out of there.

Next meeting January 24, 2022 at 3:30, place or means to be determined. The purpose is to finalize the budget and the report for the Town Report.