Minutes, Town Cemetery Committee meeting, December 3, 2018

Present: Sandra Toohey, Jane Auidi, David Jenney, Rick Lees and Sue Haines

Signs: we have one left to put up in spring (Webber Family) and one to be ordered and put up (Webber Cemetery). Sue will contact Jim Ashton to see if he will order it.

Discussion of Doe Cemetery which Jody spent a long time cleaning up. Apparently the family had been working on it, but it got away from them. It seems to be on the town's mowing list to be visited 3 times a summer to be trimmed/weed wacked. Mary said she would remind the town contractor to do this. Before we learned this Rick said that he could ask the Boy Scouts to clean it up before Memorial Day.

Mary showed us an old map of the North Cemetery with it all laid out in a grid, each plot marked.

Our budget is due to Mary by the last Friday in January. Jody said she would like about $300 to fix some stones. We discussed software. David wasn't really enamored of any of the ones he looked at. Jane still likes Pontem. She will contact some smaller towns who use it and perhaps find out how they were able to buy it.

We will ask Gene and his crew to check for trees when they do the spring cleanup. Perhaps they can take care of some of them.

We rewrote the section of rules pertaining to monument size (section 6a) to say “contiguous lots” insteading of “adjoining”.

Next meeting will be January 7, 2019 at 3:30 at the town office when we will finalized our budget request.