Notes from Cemetery Meeting, Monday August 2, 2021

We heard an excellent report from Savannah. She has been working hard in a number of areas.
1. All the town cemeteries are done and she will start in Friends this week
2. She and Mary have created a sample form for people to fill out so we can perhaps keep track of new burials. They are working on a cover letter and these will be given to funeral homes and on the town web page.
3. She had looked into various signs and had some samples for us to look at. We are thinking of marking sections at least in the North, and maybe rows (or every couple of rows) in other larger cemeteries. This will be a budget item for next year we think.
4. The Doe and Lang-Osborn Cemeteries are mislocated on the map.
5. There are some “new” cemeteries: Browne burial on the golf course, one on Station Hill that I call Cornerstone for the church, one on Maple Ridge near Stanley Hill Rd.
6. Bragg Cemetery – behind a yellow house and the woman was very nice about them going to look. She saw one broken stone and couldn't find other stones.

David reported that Jody was working with Joe, the ME Old Cemetery “expert”. Bruce, the grave digger had approached them about working on a stone in Methodist, using a machine to lift the stone. Jody will need materials and Mary ok'ed said purchase.

Next Meeting will be September13