Cemetery Committee Meeting Minutes August 7, 2023

Present: Aaron Miller, Jody Kundreskas, David Jenney, Savannah Clark

Jody and David are making progress repairing the stones. They finished fixing a captain’s stone in Methodist. They are now taking a break from Methodist to focus on Whitehouse. All three of the stones are down in Whitehouse and they started the process of fixing them by removing the pins. They used Bruce’s generator to power the drill that removes the pins, but it was not quite strong enough, we may need to look into other options. Aaron is going to see if the town has one we might be able to use. Jody, David, and Bruce did a lot of work this past Sunday, but it will likely be a few more weeks before the stones will be completely fixed in Whitehouse. Many people stopped by while they were working and expressed gratitude for their work.

The sign for the Nelson Road Cemetery is not currently in the cemetery but at the public works garage. Savannah will talk to Gene at some point to see what we can do to get the sign back up and hopefully prevent it from being removed in the future. There are many dangerous trees in this cemetery as well, and we will look to remove some of them in the future.

Not much to report on Felicia, she has only been working an hour here or there. We will continue to assess this situation and see what the best way would be to get our cemeteries mapped.

Aaron will bring up the mowing contract at the selectboard meeting on August 17th and see how they would like to proceed. The committee expressed that we would prefer to keep using the current company if possible as they do a good job.

In updating our cemetery rules, we will be putting some language in about refunds to make this issue clearer. We also want to clean up the language about the size of monuments allowed.

Aaron is still working on getting Pontem fixed.

A member of the public reached out expressing interest in cleaning stones and removing branches in one of the cemeteries. Jody will reach out to this person to follow up.

Our next meeting is September 11, 2023 at 3:30pm at the Town Office.