Town Cemetery committee meeting

August 3 2020 at 3:30 via zoom

Present: David Jenney, Mary Sabins, Mike Levesque, our intern, Jody Kundreskas and Sue Haines

Jody described the work that she and David have been doing, lately in the Webber Family Cemetery. Logging in the past had been very destructive of stones. They, with Joe of MOCA, worked to figure out which pieces went to gether and where. One of the people was Sarah Webber who may have been the first white woman born in Vassalboro. They also worked with a grave douser to locate some burials.

Mike reported on all his work. He finished the Cross Hill Cemetery and is now working in the North Village Cemetery. That is larger. Sections, rows and roads are not as obvious, so he spent some time figuring it all out. He suggested some sort of signage, perhaps marking each section or an overall map of the cemetery. He ever found a little “parking lot” right in the middle of the plots. There are some areas with no burials, some of which is usable and some of which is treed and would be very expensive to make usable. We discussed briefly setting up some system whereby the town is notified when and where burials take place. Mike happened upon one while he was working. He then showed us some of the actual Pontem pages that he has worked on. He uses information from the stones and nearby stones, but has also searched obituaries as well as findagrave information (which must be taken with a grain of salt).

Mike's last day is Friday, Aug 14. We expressed appreciation for all that he has done!

Our next meeting will be September 14.