Town Cemetery Meeting Notes, Aug ust 1, 2022

Present: David Jenney, Savannah Labbe, Sue Haines, Mary Sabins and Felicia

Cemetery Work – David reported that Joe from MOCA worked with them (Jody, David and Bruce) making major repairs to a stone which has been broken in many places. Joe fitted the pieces together like a puzzle. They worked from 8 to 5! We now have the tripod, need to unpack the hoist and buy straps.

We had a chat on zoom with Felicia about her doing some work for us mapping the cemeteries, augmenting the work which Savannah did last summer. She could start immediately and work until we run out of money or otherwise end. The “going rate” was $15-!6 per hours. We will use money set aside for section signs and hire her instead. Our current software can support this mapping.

Sue reported that, at Jody's request, sent in an application to MOCA for a preservation workhop next summer. This would be in the North Village Cemetery.

Tom had nothing further to report on the Elizabeth Farris stone which is in the Historical Society, and seems to belong in Crowell Hill Cemetery. This cemetery has no stones though there is a vague report that they were all bullldozed at some time in the past.

Savannah agreed to take over as clerk of this committee.

The next meeting will be Sept 12th.