Town Cemetery committee meeting
April 22, 2019 at 3:30

Present: Jane Aiudi, David Jenney, Jody Kondreskas, Sue Haines and Mary Sabins

We won't be certain about our budget for the coming year until town meeting on June 3rd, but we are cautiously optimistic. With that in mind Jane will try to contact someone at Pontem and then see if that person and Mary can speak directly to work out details. Possibly we could only buy the software this year and do the actual work next year?

Another cost is fixing stones, which Jody will do as time permits. She has requested $300 for supplies. She has in mind stones in the Faught and Doe cemeteries. She won't start until June. We asked Mary to put the ad in the paper advertizing that such work will be happeningl

There is a section of fence down in the Nichols cemetery which we asked Mary to speak to Gene about. We also would like Mary to ask Gene to be on the look out for trees which the town crew could deal with. Two mentioned specifically were: a large rotted maple in the corner of the Cross Hill Cemetery which won't impact stones and another in the middle of the Maple Grove cemetery, which possibly Gene couldn't do.

We asked Mary to contact the mower and make sure that Doe is on his list.

We could invite Julie Lyons to come speak with us as she has a lot of knowledge.

Town Meeting in June 3. June 27, the selectmen will be selecting people for committees, so we could be thinking of anyone who might be interested.

We will meet next on June 10, after town meeting so we will know our budget.