Minutes – town cemetery committee, April 12 at 3:30 via zoom

Present: Mary Sabins, David Jenney and Sue Haines

We have an Intern, Savannah, who will start June 2. Mary will arrange training for her from Pontem. She lives in Vassalboro and near the North Cemetery. We will see if she would like to meet Mike or Kathy after she gets here.

A person whose family member is buried in the area of the North which is grown up was in touch with Mary.

Steve from Winslow, who worked with Jody and David last summer, contacted Jody asking about our committee. Since he is interested in digitalization, we will suggest that he contact Mary or Pontem directly. Mary was contacted by someone from Readfield and she suggested that they contact Pontem.

Jody has asked that a notice be publicized about her (and David's) continuing stone work. Mary has contacted the Town Line. David presumed that they would continue in the Methodist Cemetery.

David reported that Public Works and Tim Basham had removed trees from the Cross Hill Cemetery. David has done some of the cleanup, and hopes Public Works will do the rest.

Town Meeting is June 7 with voting June 8.

Our next meeting will be May 3, and, after some discussion and indecision, by zoom.