Minutes of Cemetery Meeting, April 11, 2022

Present: Jane Aiudi, David, Jenney, Jody Kundreskas, Savannah Clark, Tom Richards, Mary Sabins and Gene Field (road foreman)

Gene came to discuss posts for the section markers for the North Cemetery. After much discussion we decided on dividing the 10 foot metal poles in 3 pieces, one per sign, just over 3 ft tall. Gene also wanted our permission to cut back the edge of the cemetery along Cemetery St. to aid in plowing. We decided that we would like to look at the edge first to see if we could guess where the actual graves were.

We have $8,000 to $10,000 in the budget for next year for more signs.

We decided to try again on the Nelson Road Cemetery sign which keeps being taken down, this time perhaps burying the posts deeper.

We discussed wording for the notice in the newspaper about work cleaning and repairing stones. We decided to align with the most recent census release, and say that we will work on stones aged 1950 or older unless seriously damaged.

Stone of the young Priest child: whose stone Steve Assante found and currently has. It appears to belong in the Methodist Cemetery; Jody and David spent quite a while trying to find the stone as the base is there. I will contact Steve and see if Jody can pick up the stone sometime.

Mary presented Spirit of America awards to Jody and David. This would have been done at town meeting a year ago except for covid. Mary read the plaques which had very nice words about the work that each of them has been doing.

Tom brought up the “Hussey Hill” cemetery about which we know very little. His neighbor, who found the unmarked stone, would like to sell and we wondered whether buyers should be aware of possible burials. A burying ground is mentioned in two old deeds but not the more recent ones. We decided that he should talk with a lawyer.

Next meeting will be May 9, at 3:30 at the town office.

The Easter bunny put in an appearance with lovely “baskets” for each of us! Many thanks.