Cemetery Committee Meeting Minutes April 3, 2023

Present: David, Savannah

Felicia is having a hard time doing the mapping work as the stones are difficult to see even with high-quality images. She is supposed to be working with a professor at UMaine to figure out how to better map the cemeteries.

We have enough money in the budget to purchase materials to make the signposts for the signs we ordered. Savannah will contact Gene about doing this. Money for tree work was put into the budget for next fiscal year and we plan to discuss in the coming months which trees we would like to remove.

For Joe’s visit we need to get a porta-potty and also have gravel and sand delivered to the cemetery. Savannah will send some emails to secure these items and also find out if there is any forms we need to fill out since the work is not going out to bid. Joe will be here June 29th-30th. David is willing to lend his truck as long as it is in working condition.

We are very low on members so please encourage anyone you know to join.

Next meeting will be May 1, 2023 at 3:30pm at the Town Office.