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Vassalboro is blessed with many trails including the ITS 85 snowmobile trail running north-south through the middle of the community, three sets of trails on property of the Kennebec Land Trust, a trail at the Vassalboro Community School, the Town Forest trail adjacent to the ball fields in East Vassalboro, the Annie Sturgis Sanctuary owned by The Native Plant Trust headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts and the Alonzo Garcelon Wildlife Management Area managed by the Maine IF&W that includes access to Spectacle Pond. Below you will find brief descriptions of these trails with links to more information and maps if they are available.

This content is presented by the Vassalboro Trails Committee which was reorganized in 2019 by the Select Board. The Committee is no longer a sub-committee of the Conservation Commission but rather a free-standing committee of the Town. Initially, the Committee seeks to improve the condition of existing trails, enhance public information on trails and promote trail use. In the longer term, the Committee is interested in building a network of trails in Town that connects the community while providing recreational opportunities and enhanced access to public and natural resources. The Committee seeks the input and participation of all trail interests including hikers, cross-country skiers, snowmobilers, horseback riders, and off-road bikers.

The current membership of the Committee is as follows:

Telephone Term Expires Name Address
(207) 441-0678 2023 Richard Behr  
  2023 Ryan Douglas  
(207) 649-1305 2023 Holly Weidner  
(207) 441-4993 2023 John Melrose  
  2023 Paul Oxley  
923-37582 2023 Paul Mitnik  
  2023 Ken Bowring  
  2023 Meridith Cain  
  2023 Stephen Farrington 1108 Taber Hill Road
  2023 Sharon Farrington 1108 Taber Hill Road


In this era of robo calls, please leave a message when calling if we do not pick up. Citizens interested in serving on the Committee should make their interest known to the Town Manager.

1/25/22 - Trail Guidelines for VASSALBORO TOWN FOREST TRAIL

Please click here to see a pdf document on trail guidelines (what's okay and what's not okay).

Press Release: Town of Vassalboro
April 28, 2021
Contact: John Melrose, 207 441-4993

Kennebec Water District and Vassalboro Act on New Trail
The Kennebec Water District is approving a request by the Town of Vassalboro to extend existing trails in the Town Forest onto adjacent property owned by the District. This decision makes it possible to create a new 1.1 mile trail extension for hikers and enables access to a scenic section of Red Brook. The Town Forest lies in East Vassalboro just to the north of the Town’s recreational fields.

The District and the Town reached this agreement on April 15th when the respective Boards gave their consent. Vassalboro’s Town Trail Committee will take the lead in developing this new trail over the course of the next year. Roger Crouse, KWD’s General Manager, expressed gratitude over the opportunity to partner with the Town on this exciting project.

“Vassalboro’s focus on trails is growing with the creation of a Trails Committee two years ago,” said John Melrose, Select Board and Trails Committee Chair. He added, “we are seeing a growing interest in outdoor activities by the public due to the pandemic”. The Vassalboro Town website features eight trails in Town including the Town Forest trails.

Also on April 15th, the Vassalboro Select Board approved the naming of the Town Forest trail as “Red Brook Trail” and commissioned a sign to be made and posted at the new trail head off Bog Road. By agreement the work on the new trail section can commence on June 1, 2021. This project is one of several activities designed to commemorate Vassalboro’s 250th anniversary of incorporation as a Town in 1771.

Trail Descriptions and Information Links

The Alonzo H. Garcelon Wildlife Management Area (WMA) includes an access road/trail to Spectacle Pond from Church Hill Road roughly a mile south of Hannaford Hill Road and from Cross Hill Road .9 miles from Hannaford Hill Road following a snowmobile trail down a relatively steep slope to a spectacular view of Spectacle Pond. The ITS 85 snowmobile trail also runs along a portion of the west side of the Pond. The trails are well defined, although not necessarily marked, with a variety of secondary woods roads crisscrossing the area allowing for further explorations. For more information and map:

The 40 acre Annie Sturgis Sanctuary features rare plants, scenic hiking trails, views of the Kennebec River at the Mount Tom overlook and a Maine Critical Natural Area. Prime time at the Sanctuary is early to mid-May for spring ephemeral wildflowers and birds. The Sanctuary is located off the Cushnoc Road with an entrance sign on the west side of the road. Visitors should park on the road shoulder. Access to the Sanctuary is along an easement trail surrounded by private property. Please stay on the easement trail. For the safety of all visitors and protection of the plants and other natural resources, please use the following guidelines when visiting: Dogs must be leashed, leave no trace, no removing, cutting, or picking plants, no camping, fires or smoking, no motorized vehicles and no horseback riding. This site is managed by The Native Plant Trust. For more information:

The 97 acre Davidson Nature Preserve features blueberry fields, wetlands, and woodlands. Over seventy species of birds have been identified and a heron rookery (inactive in 2019) is on site.  A Kennebec Land Trust sign marks a small parking lot on the west side of Taber Hill Road. An easy half-mile mowed path leads from the KLT sign-in box through two blueberry fields to a view of the fen and the rookery. Along the way are two side loop trails.  During April through June, visitors to the rookery viewing area should approach quietly, in small groups so as not to disturb mating and nesting herons. Dogs are not allowed. For more information and trail map:

ITS 85 is Vassalboro’s connection to Maine’s statewide network of snowmobile trails and provides connections to local trails. It extends from the Augusta line near Spectacle Pond to the Winslow line west of Route 32. It runs along the west side of Webber Pond, connects to the snowmobile clubhouse on the south side of Hussey Hill Road, offers a local trail in between Hussey Hill and Gray Roads that goes to China Lake and runs parallel and west of Cemetery Street heading to North Vassalboro. The Trail is maintained by the Kennebec Valley Trailriders/Vassalboro Snowmobile Club. A new map is under development and a Facebook site is at:

The 44 acre Seaward Mills Conservation Area features a 0.7 mile trail, 3800 feet of undeveloped frontage on Seawards Mills Stream, a mature hemlock forest on the south side of the stream, and 15 acres of agricultural fields. The stream provides a critical alewife passageway between Webber Pond and Three Mile Pond. A Kennebec Land Trust sign and registration box mark the trail head at the edge of the field and woods off Seawards Mill Road .2 miles from Cross Hill Road. The agricultural fields are leased so do not walk through the farm fields or park in field entrances. Dogs are allowed on a leash or under voice command. For more information and a trail map:

Vassalboro Community School Trail offers a .4 mile trail located behind the school south of the athletic fields. It is used for outdoor studies and activities and includes boardwalk, a loop and a cleared area for outdoor instruction. Motor vehicles and bicycles are not allowed.  All dogs must be leashed.  Hunting and shooting is prohibited. 

The 330 acre Vassalboro Wildlife Habitat features two trails, 2,200 feet of undeveloped shoreline on Webber Pond, excellent birding, a silky dogwood wetland, and rare swamp white oaks. Access to parking and trail heads is off the Webber Pond Road just south of Natanis Golf Course. The one mile Alewife Amble Loop, takes you along portions of an old trolley line and brings you to two points of land that provide great views of Webber Pond. On the west side of Webber Pond Road, is the short Virginia Rail Trail that leads to a cattail marsh and viewing platform for bird watching. Dogs should be under voice command or on a leash. For more information and trail map:

Webber Pond from VWH -credit Jean Wright

The Vassalboro Town Forest Trail is located .4 miles from Route 32 on the Bog Road near the rear parking lot for the Town recreation fields. The trail provides two interconnected loops each about a half mile long on level terrain through softwood and hardwood forest. The western trail loop starts on the rail bed of the historic Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington Railway and then travels through wetlands with bog bridging to a second loop on the left or exits right onto the soccer field. The second loop also includes some bog bridging and emerges near the north end of the soccer field. Dogs are permitted leashed or under voice command. Trail improvement work is ongoing and volunteer labor is always appreciated.

Click Image to see a larger PDF map - Prepared by Richard Behr