Scavanger Hunt

Photo of the winners of Vassalboro’s Sestercentennial Scavenger Hunt are left to right, Micki, Jamie and Brad Berard. They all worked together as a family and got 15 of the 21 items.

1st item. A postal cancellation from any Vassalboro Post Office dated April 26th, 2021. Needs to show “Vassalboro”.

2nd item. A sales receipt dated April 27th, 2021 or later from any business located in Vassalboro.

3rd item: An item from the original Oak Grove Coburn School.

4th item: The total number of panes of glass (not including doors) on St. Bridget Center.

5th Item: An item commemorating Vassalboro’s 1971 Bicentennial Celebration.

6th Item: A postcard depicting anything from Vassalboro.

7th Item: The total number of Civil War Soldiers names that are listed on Vassalboro’s Civil War Monument. (Please be respective).

8th Item: Visit the Vassalboro Historical Society, find a certain display and receive a Vassalboro Sestercentennial Trading Card.

9th Item - What was used for the first time in a baseball world series game that is noted in the 2021 Vassalboro Sestercentennial Calendar?

10th Item - A picture of you holding a book, written by Vassalboro author, Holman Day.

11th Item - The total number of tan pavers around a flagpole where baseball is played in Vassalboro.

12th Item -A dollar bill with “1771” located within the serial number.

13th item - The date the “haunted” Mill Agent House was built.

14th Item - An item representing any scouting program from Vassalboro.

15th Item - Find a quarter, dime, nickel and a penny having dates of either all “1971” or all “2021”.

16th Item - A picture of you taken beside a “Welcome to Vassalboro” sign.

17th Item - A golf ball with a “Natanis Golf Course” logo printed on it.

18th Item - Five business cards from five different Vassalboro businesses.

19th Item - A pencil “rubbing” of the date on something that has a clapper, located at the coordinates 44°27’59”N 69°40’20”W.

20th Item - A dollar bill with “2021” located within the serial number.

21st Item - Any newspaper article of a story about anything related to Vassalboro.

Vassalboro Sestercentennial Scavenger Hunt Rules

1) Must be a Vassalboro resident or sponsored by a Vassalboro resident.
2) Object is to find or get all things required.
3) There will be 21 items to get/find. One item a week will be posted on this website and the local community Facebook page on Tuesdays. First item will be listed on April 20th, the last item will be listed on Sept 7th.
4) Bring your items/list to the Olde Mill Place during Vassalboro Days weekend on Sept 11th, between 1pm-3pm.
5) Winner will be whoever gets/finds everything. If no one gets/finds everything, the person who has the most wins. In the event of a tie for either situation, a random drawing of those eligible will determine the winner of the $250 cash.
6) Have fun and good luck!

f.m.i. Contact Donald Breton
or 313-3505.