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Aerial photo of the Town recreation fields by Fox Photo.

Recreation Department Mission Statement:

The Recreation Department is committed to giving all Vassalboro children the opportunity to participate in group and individual athletic programs that encourage healthy lifestyles while keeping all participants safe.

Click Here to see Recreation Committee By-laws.

Recreation Committee

Telephone Term Expires Name Address
207-649-0887 2018 Daniel Ouellette, (Director)  
  2018 Steve Polley  
  2018 Jessica Decker  
  2018 Kevin Luczko  
  2018 Tiffany Luczko  
  2018 Matt Linquist  
  2018 Marc Cote  
  2018 Matt Hankey  

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The Vassalboro Rec Committee would like to thank the coaches, volunteers, and all those who participated in this year’s very successful winter basketball season. We had 9 teams with over 100 children participating. Great sportsmanship was displayed from all participants from kindergarten through 6th grade! Vassalboro prides itself in displaying a positive attitude and sportsmanship at all levels.

Vassalboro Rec offers the following spring programs:

T-Ball: Co-ed Ages (4-6) - Begins in May through end of school

BASEBALL: Farm (6-8) Minors (7-11) Majors/Little League (9-12)

SOFTBALL: Farm (6-8) Minors (7-11) ASA Majors (9-12)


BASEBALL and SOFTBALL – Clinics will begin the week of March 14. Games will start on or around April 30th. Click HERE for clinic schedule

Volunteering: “America runs on Dunkin’ but Vassalboro Rec Department RUNS ON YOU!”

Adult Volunteers are needed to make these programs RUN SMOOTHLY… The more helping hands there are the less gets left out, mixed up, and undone. When there is a communication breakdown, equipment left behind, umpire scheduling issues etc. it is usually because one or two individuals are trying to do the work of 10. The more volunteers we have to share the load the fewer number of breakdowns encountered during the season.

Volunteer opportunities include Snack Shack Manager, Snack Shack volunteers, Dugout Bookkeepers, Assistant Coaches, Coaches and Field Maintenance Support. The town and Dirigo League require all volunteers to go through a free background check for our children’s safety. If you can and want to volunteer, please do not wait to be asked, STEP UP and offer your help. Don’t be shy or wait to be ask! WE WOULD LOVE YOUR HELP and IDEAS. Coaching may seem like the most difficult thing to volunteer for but most of our coaches begin with the T-Ball children and learn as they go gaining experience right along with the children. You do not have previous experience, only patience and understanding to be a GREAT COACH. For other opportunities contact Dan Ouellette (Director) 649-0887; any rec committee member, coach; or contact us on Facebook.

Note to Parents and Spectators: The main goal of the Recreation Program in Vassalboro is for the children to get involved, learn how to interact with their peers through sports, be challenged in a supportive way and overcome these challenges, feel a sense of accomplishment NO MATTER WHAT THE SCORE. This means they need your support as well. Click HERE for an eye opening article on how we SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT support our kids.

Thank you to all of our Coaches and Volunteers who are working hard with our Vassalboro children and maintaining the Vassalboro Recreation Athletic Fields!

AWAY FIELD DIRECTIONS (with clickable links to Google Maps)


Baseball: Windsor Rec Baseball Fields 82 Ridge Road, Windsor

  • Fields across from entrance to Windsor Fair Ground

Soccer: Windsor Elementary School 366 Ridge Road, Windsor

  • Route 3 to Route 32
  • Travel approx. 6 miles on Route 32 School will be on the right and fields are behind the school


Basketball: Palermo Consolidated School Rte 3, Palermo

Soccer and Baseball: Palermo Recreation Fields 467-645 Turner Ridge Road, Palermo

  • From route 32, travel to Route 202 (aka Route 3, South Oak Hill Road)
  • Take a left and go approx. 12 miles
  • Turn right on Turner Ridge Road is on the right after the Baptist Church and 3 miles after Tobey”s store.
  • Recreational fields are 1.2 miles on the right

Chelsea Elementary School: 566 Togus Road, Chelsea

  • Go to route 17 (Eastern Ave.) take left
  • Go approx. 4 miles and take a right onto Togus Road (226)
  • Chelsea school is at 566 Togus Road. Fields are in the back.

Whitefield Elementary School: 164 Grand Army Road, Whitefield

  • Route 32 to Route 17
  • Turn left onto Route 17 and travel 1.5 miles
  • Turn right onto the Vigue Rd. (across from Berry and Berry Floral)
  • At the end of the Vigue Road turn left onto Grand Army Road School is .2 miles on the right

Jefferson Village School: 48 Washington Rd, Jefferson, ME 04348
Parking lot for Baseball/Soccer Fields are off Village Street

  • Route 32 to Route 17
  • Turn left onto Route 17
  • Follow ME-17 E and ME-32 S to ME-126 E inJefferson
  • Turn left onto ME-17 E/Eastern Ave/Thomaston Rd
  • Continue to follow ME-17 E
  • Slight right onto ME-32 S
  • Turn left onto ME-126 E/ME-32 S
  • Turn left onto Village Street

Contact Information:
Daniel Ouellette
Vassalboro Rec Director