Vassalboro Grange

Vassalboro Grange #322

The Vassalboro Grange is composed of citizens of the area who care about and take care of the Grange building on Route 32 in downtown East Vassalboro so that it may be utilized by the community and individuals for events. At this time the Grange meets once a month, usually the fourth Friday night, and begins with a 6:30 pot luck supper. Meetings and programs usually begin at 7:30 and last from one to two hours. Grange members range in age from under a year old to 90+. Families come to the pot luck together and often children choose to play ball or hang out together afterwards, however they are always welcome to be part of the meeting.

Vassalboro Grange #322 is always looking for members. Originally Vassalboro Grange was a strict fraternal organization that functioned with passwords and secret ceremonies. Although the Vassalboro Grange respects this history, it has no secrets and relies on a democratic process of self-rule. There is a master, a secretary, treasurer, lecturer, and a committee that oversees building improvements. Once or twice a year, "formal" meetings may be held utilizing the old time Grange ritual. This is often done to honor Grangers who have passed on, or to welcome new Grangers and to give them an idea of the beauty of the original ceremony and the pomp and circumstance that went along with it.

Vassalboro Grangers want to provide opportunity for all ages to feel meaningfully involved with our community.

The Grange has hosted Youth Drama Camps with original productions produced and played by area children for five years.

Each year, the Grange tries to put on a theatrical performance of their own with proceeds benefiting the building. You may remember Lily’s Apple Pie, The East Vassalboro Corner Store, and The Great East Vassalboro Swindle. Each production was loads of fun to be part of and to watch!

Granges are known for their good food and ours is no different. We use "Suppers", "Soup and Bread Lunches" and food sales to fund our renovations. We recently held a successful Grange Yard Sale in conjunction with the Vassalboro Historical Society.

The Vassalboro Grange is available for rent for functions for a nominal fee.

If you are interested in any of our activities or in joining or renting the Grange, please call Linda Titus at 873-2108 or 631-3303. Come try us out!

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Vassalboro Grange #322 Calendar for 2017

April 22—Great Discussion 6:30 PM  topic Immigration
April 28—Meeting Pot Luck @ 6:30
April 29—Contradance, Potluck at 6:30

May 6—Historical Society Fundraiser
May 12- Grange Meeting 6:30 Potluck & topic Invasive Species.
May 13- 9-12 Outlet Stream workshop in Outlet Stream eradicating Invasive plants
May 13—Open Mike Night
May 18-Day of Caring with Erskine Academy
May 19—4-6 set up for Black Fly Sale
May 20—Black Fly Sale  9-2

June 2-3-- VCS Scholastic Bookfair at the Grange
June 10—Open Mike Night
June 17—Maxine Robinson’s Celebration of Life Reception
June 23—Yoga at the Grange 3-4
June 30—Yoga at the Grange 3-4
June 30—Meeting Pot Luck @ 6:30

July 7  Yoga at the Grange 3-4
July 8—Open Mike
July 14 Yoga at the Grange 3-4
July 21 Yoga at the Grange 3-4
July28—Meeting Pot Luck @ 6:30
July 29—Contra Dance  6:30 Pot Luck

August 4 Yoga at the Grange 3-4
August 11 Yoga at the Grange 3-4
August 12—Open Mike Might
August 14—Jane Austen Society Party 3-10 PM
August 18 Yoga at the Grange 2-4
August 24—Windsor Fair Grange Booth
August 25—Meeting Pot Luck @ 6:30  Gillian Welch and Who Is Your Farmer?

September 9/10—Library use of downstairs for book sale
September 9—Grange upstairs reserved for Jazz concert
September  29—Meeting Pot Luck @ 6:30
September 30—Contra Dance with 6:30 Pot Luck

October 27—Meeting Pot Luck @ 6:30

November 24-Tree Lighting and cookies 6:30

December 2—Spirit of Christmas Event 9-2
December 22—Christmas Party at Titus Home
December 30—Contradance  6:30 Pot Luck

All are open to the public