Vassalboro Conservation Commission

Vassalboro Conservation Commission

Telephone Term Expires Name Address
  2019 Vacant  
  2019 Dylan Dillaway 552 Webber Pond Road, Vassalboro
923-3836 2019 Steve Jones 55 Quaker Lane, Vassalboro
923-3397 2017 Holly Weidner 320 Main Street, Vassalboro
  2017 Betsy Poulin 373 Hussey Hill Road, Vassalboro
923-3483 2018 David Jenney 844 Cross Hill Road Vassalboro

Brochures on Land in Conservation in Vassalboro:

Kennebec Land Trust - Davidson Nature Preserve Brochure (pdf document)

Kennebec Land Trust - Vasalboro Wildlife Habitat Brochure (pdf document)

Kennebec Land Trust - Seawards Mills Brochure (pdf document)

Here is a link to Maine Trail Finder which has maps of other trails in Vassalboro. It's a great resource.

Annie Sturgis Sanctuary Trail

Vassalboro Wildlife Habitat

Vassalboro Community School

Davidson Nature Preserve

Vassalboro Conservation Commission
Annual Report 2016
Betsy Poulin, Chair

The Vassalboro Conservation Commission is now in its eighth year! The Conservation Commission has the responsibility of conducting research and giving advice that will help Vassalboro citizens to better utilize, protect and plan for the Town’s natural resources and open areas. The Conservation Commission coordinates its activities with other existing Town committees, departments and with statewide conservation organizations.

This year, at the election of officers, Mary Ellen Johnston stepped down from her position as Chair. She led the Commission since its inception. Great work Mary Ellen! The members of the Commission include: David Jenney, Steve Jones, Mary Ellen Johnston, Holly Weidner and Betsy Poulin. The ordinance under which it functions allows up to seven members, and the Commission would love some new recruits. Contact the Town Office or a member if you are interested in serving. All meetings are open to the public and are typically held on the second Thursday of every other month.

The Conservation Commission has been a supporting partner in a series of lectures hosted by the Sebasticook Regional Land Trust at the East Vassalboro Grange Hall. The lectures served to educate the community about the proposed removal of several dams on the outlet stream and alewife introduction into China Lake. Removal of some dams, and construction of fish passageways on other dams, would occur over the next several years. Alewife introduction into China Lake has already commenced. When the alewives leave the lake (reducing the phosphorous load as they go) they travel down the Outlet Stream, to the Kennebec River and all the way to the ocean. After four years, the alewives return to China Lake and start the process all over again. Alewife activity over the past several years in Webber Pond has significantly reduced the phosphorous load and improved water quality.

The Vassalboro Conservation Commission is closely following the efforts of the Planning Board as they proceed with updates to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. The Commission wants to ensure the continued improvement of water quality in Vassalboro lakes, ponds and streams through careful development review.

The trails at the Vassalboro Town Forest, behind the Recreation Fields, were improved in June and September by Commission members. The two loop trails meander through diverse habitats, cross bog bridges and pass over the historic location of the Narrow Gauge Railroad. The Commission is planning to add signage to these and other trails in Town, to improve visibility for public use. Three properties in Vassalboro, managed by the Kennebec Land Trust, also have excellent trails and natural resources. The Davidson Nature Preserve, on Taber Hill Road near Hussey Hill Road, includes 97 acres with trails, lowbush blueberry fields and habitat for wildlife. The Vassalboro Wildlife Habitat, on Webber Pond Road not far from the boat landing, has two trail loops one along the Pond and one across the road through the woodlands. Seawards Mills Conservation Area, on Seawards Mills Road near Webber Pond Road, is a 44 acre parcel with trails and frontage Seawards Mill Stream which runs from Three Mile Pond to Webber Pond. We encourage you to visit these wonderful resources right in our backyard.

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